Shipment and Order Quantity validation

By | October 31, 2018

Sage 300 ERP allows its users to create shipment entry even if the quantity shipped is greater than the order quantity. Suppose you want to create shipment entry of a quantity equal to or less than order quantity, but by mistake if the user enters more quantity than the standard, Sage 300 ERP OE shipment screen gives the popup as below.

Consider the below screenshot where the user has entered the Shipped Quantity 11 greater than Quantity on Order that is 10. Sage 300 ERP gives a message saying “Quantity shipped is greater than quantity order”. But this message doesn’t affect the shipped quantity since it’s just a warning and it can be skipped and there are chances that the user can post the entry without checking the shipped quantity.

To handle this scenario, we have developed a simple, yet useful component in which we have customized standard shipment entry screen and provided a feature in which the shipped quantity becomes 0 if user enters shipped quantity greater than ordered quantity.

Once, the user clicks on close button of the warning as shown in above screenshot, the shipped quantity becomes 0, as shown in the below screenshot:

Hence with the help of this feature, users can avoid posting the shipment Entry with shipped quantity greater the ordered quantity.