Send Email to the Selected Peoples of Sage CRM Groups

By | October 1, 2021

In Sage CRM, the Email and communication module is one of the most used features by users to manage and maintain customer relationships. The communication module has also helped users to communicate with the other users in CRM as well persons in the Sage CRM. Also, as we know Sage CRM’s email functionality has allowed users to send emails to customers and record them as communication in CRM.

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Recently we had a customization request from one of our clients regarding email sending to the selected people of Sage CRM Groups. To achieve the same, we have added the ‘Email Offer’ button on the Summary screen of an entity. This button can be added at any place.

On click of ‘Email Offer’ button pop up screen will open. On this screen, users get the ‘Contact Email List’ and ‘Group Email List’ buttons to send emails to their contacts or groups.

Contact Email List:
On click of ‘Contact Email List’ button pop up screen will open, and it shows contact list of logged in user i.e. persons available under MY CRM | Contacts. From this popup screen user can select multiple contacts at the same time and the selected contacts email addresses will automatically pull in the ‘To’ section of the above email pop-up.

On click of the ‘Send Email’  button mail will send to all the users selected on the above screen.

Group Email List:
On click of “Group Email List” button pop up screen will open, and it shows group list available for logged in user i.e. Groups available under MY CRM | Groups.

From this pop up screen user can select multiple contacts at the same time from the multiple selected groups. There is also the functionality of “Select All” and “Exclude All”. When user select group name, it expands and shows all the peoples from the group.

Using the “Select All” button users can easily select all users from their respective groups. Also, using the “Exclude All” button users can easily remove selected persons from the respective group. It helps users to select or deselect persons from different groups at the same time.

On click of ‘Close’ button, only the email address of selected users in the above screen will automatically pull in the ‘To’ section of the email screen. On click of ‘Send Email’ offer mail will send to all the selected users.

In this way using this customization users will easily send emails to a group of persons or multiple persons from different groups at the same time. Also, all the email out communications is added to the Communication tab of respective persons so that users can easily track the emails as well from Sage CRM itself.

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