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Restricting Workflow rules to Assigned User

In SageCRM workflow is an efficient way of systematic progress on work and related tracking. Workflow can be applied to any of the entities such as Case, Lead, and Opportunity etc. But how to handle the security of this workflow in order to make sure that no unwanted user can misuse it and disturb the… Read More »

Setting Default Date Time while progressing through Sage CRM Workflow

Sage CRM can be customized for reducing the data entry task by setting default values in some fields while entering data. There is an option of automating the task of feeding in same data in several records by Setting default values in Sage CRM. GUMU Sage 100 : Creating Order with existing Opportunity in GUMU… Read More »

Custom Icons for entities

For any web application, Self Descriptiveness is the main characteristic which facilitates maximum usage of the modules designed. There are lots of things with which we can achieve this in SageCRM. SageCRM has wide scope for customizations. Customization also involves creating several custom entities to incorporate client requirements.  We have a facility to generate entities… Read More »

Update fields of one entity using workflow of another

Workflow in Sage CRM is one of the best functionalities to have not only for a visual description of a Business process but also to set up predefined rules and actions to suit the business process. In a scenario where the client wanted to update a field comp_type in Company based on the Workflow rule… Read More »

Workflow for Secondary Entity

Workflow in Sage CRM can be easily configured for Primary Entity but the out of the box system is not configured to handle workflows for Secondary entity. Jeff, as usual, came up with this fantastic workaround in his blog post http://community.sagecrm.com/partner_community/b/hints_tips_and_tricks/archive/2007/12/23/adding-workflow-capability-to-a-secondary-or-custom-entity.aspx Using the above link we were able to enable the workflow for the Secondary… Read More »