Posting Additional Journal Entries…!

By | June 30, 2014

If you talk about ERP, journal entry comes hand in hand with it. In that case Posting transaction journal entries becomes essential and important part of ERP system.
But all the journal entries are automatically handled by the system and there is no role for us to play but what if during our custom development we have made changes to some of the transaction screens which will need creation of journal entry as well.

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Lets go through one of the scenario which we came across, In our one of custom development we were storing the additional charges for the transaction in the new table. To create the journal entries for those additional charges we tried to use the Line table option to link the new table but we were facing the crashing issue. After some more research we got the way to write our own logic to add the additional journal entries from the custom table.

There is an Action option available in automatic journals screen, the actions specified in this fields will get called whenever the posting of journals are carried out. The action option available for header (main) level and liens level as well. Kindly refer to the below screen shots.

Header Level:


Once the actions are specified into automatic journal just create a processing file with the name specified and write the logic to append the additional journal lines into a specified Action. Kindly refer to the below snippet of code.

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