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How to Add Signature Workflow in Journal Entry Screen

The Signature Workflow is a feature provided by Sage that enables automatic signatures for records that are either modified or created by the first-level user defined in the Assignment rule. Once the user signs the record, the status changes to “Signed” for that user, and the record is then passed on to the next level… Read More »

Excise Module in Sage X3

With Sage X3, get your Alcohol & Distilleries manufacturing business “up and running” without running around! “State-Wise Excise Duty applied on the Products, other required charges applied on the Products, Management of bottle quantity per case, VAT, CST, TCS management”. Get it all here. Because to manage alcohol & distillery needs, we did a customization… Read More »

Data flow from Purchase invoice screen to Journal entry on via AP/AR Payment Posting using Automatic Journal

In our last blog, we see how to flow date from payment screen to Journal entry using auto journal. In this, we’ll see how we can flow data from Purchase invoice to journal entry while posting payment. The “Supplier doc. no.” field present on Management tab in Purchase invoice screen for the invoice entries linked… Read More »

Data flow from Payment screen to Journal entry on Posting using Automatic Journal

In Sage X3, Users can create Payments based on Purchase invoices and can see specific data being flowed from invoice screens to the respective payment screens. But what if the user wants specific data to be flowed from Payment to the Journal entry during posting of the payment. In this blog, we’ll see how to… Read More »

How to create a Reversing GL journal Entry in X3

Journal entries are records of financial transactions flowing in and out of the business. Journal entries are used to make transfers between nominal accounts. These transactions all get recorded in the book, called the general journal. Transactions are listed in an accounting journal that shows a company’s debit and credit balances. Journal entries includes the following main… Read More »

How to Solve error ”Outside of validity date limit” in Journal Entries

In Sage X3, any transaction that impacts a company’s profit and loss needs to be recorded in their accounting system is called ‘Journal Entries’.         A journal entry is used to record a business transaction in the accounting records of a business. A journal entry is usually recorded in the general ledger; alternatively, it may… Read More »

How to set default journal entry type for journal created by import routine

In Sage X3 we can create Journal through import template also sage X3 provides a global parameter in which we can set default entry type using which journal should be created. Navigate To: Setup>General parameters>Parameter Values> Under Chapter Accounting >DEF> Parameter SCHIMPV5 (Entry transaction (import)) The entry transaction code to be assigned as the default… Read More »

How to enable the Source transaction in Journal entry

In Sage X3 version 12 release, there is an amendment to the existing feature for the journal entry transaction screen. Where we can now get the journal entry source transaction details which is mapped with the respective transactions. This addition will ease the auditing of journal entry. To enable this amendment you need to follow… Read More »