Use of “nomap” variable in Sage X3

By | February 9, 2016

As we all know that Sage X3 can have more than one folder/application. So the question is how we will get to know current folder/application name while accessing Sage X3 ERP. Here X3 provide special “nomap” variable, which complete your requirement.

nomap is a variable that is only accessible in read mode and which determines name of current folder/application and reference applications.  Index 0 corresponds to the current application; index 1, to the first reference application; 2 to the second, etc.


# Opening of a file of the second reference application

Local File =adxmac(2)+”@”+nomap(2)+”.”+[L]FICHIER [FIC2]

The assignment of the [S]adxmother variable changes the values of [S]nomap (except for [S]nomap(0)). adxmother(I) is equivalent to nomap(I+1).

adxmac returns the name of the server where an application is found.

Please refer below screen shot for the same.

Reference Sage X3 Folder


Current Sage X3 Folder

Hope this blog helps!

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