Optimize the Performances when several Insertions of Database Lines must be done

By | February 20, 2017

Sage X3 provides a special function Writeb to write into a table. It works similar to Write function but it allows us to optimize the performances when several insertions of database lines must be done.





CLASS: a classidentifier that corresponds to the abbreviation used to open a database table.

Writeb allows you to buffer the lines written in a database table before sending them globally. This instruction should be used when massive inserts are done in a given table.

  • When [S]adxwrb <= 1, Writeb works exactly as Write.

  • When [S]adxwrb > 1, Writeb stores the lines to be written in a buffer, and flushes the buffer by transmitting the data to the database when reaching the buffer size, or when using the Flush

  • If a CLOB or a BLOB is present on the table, Writeb behaves exactly as Write (no buffering is done).

Writeb updates fstatto indicate the result of the write operation only when transmitting the data to the database. It is therefore not possible to identify the line in which the error occurred. The best practice is to run the transaction again with [S]adxwrb set to 1. The fstat value will then be returned after every Writeb.

The values available for status are the following:

fstat value Description
0 The write operation has been successful (or has only been placed for the moment in the write buffer).
1 Lock error on at least a database line.
3 An attempt to create a duplicate key has been detected.

Hope this helps!


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