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Validation on the Sales order screen if credit limit exceeds

In Sage X3, the maximum credit amount for the customer can be defined in the authorised credit field in the Customer master. There are 3 options available in the in Management tab in Customer master:-Check-No check-Hold With the help of these options we can easily manage the Credit limit of the customer.We had a requirement… Read More »

How to Setup Credit Hold Authorization Levels for Users in Sage X3

A critical part of managing risk within an organization is managing the credit available to customers. If you give a customer who may not be in the best financial position credit terms, or too much credit, you may have a hard time collecting what they owe. In addition, you do not want to provide a… Read More »

How to set Authorized Credit control for a customer for all companies?

Sage X3 provides a variable for deciding whether the authorized credit control for a customer is made by each company in turn or for all companies together i.e. folder level. New Stuff: Prohibit to create purchase order without the purchase request User can define this by using variable OSTCTL. List of possible values for this variable… Read More »