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How to delete Detail(Product)lines from Sales order via Import template ?

You may come across a situation, where you may want to delete detail(product) lines  from Sales order .  Here we are describing  how to delete detail(product) lines from sales order via import template.To delete the detail lines, the quantity should set to zero on a detail line.Please refer the below example- New Stuff: How to… Read More »

How to Delete particular row and reset Grid

We usually come across a scenario when we need to delete row from a grid through coding. Now we can even think of using SQL queries to delete the data, but these changes were reflected at the database level. The screen do not have the changes reflected and this may cause data inconsistency. So for… Read More »

Delete Folder in Sage X3

We have created a folder in Sage X3 but as this is folder was a PILOT folder, now I want to delete the folder. As I deleted the folder the traces of the folder still remained i.e. the Tables of the folder, Folder Directory in Sage X3 Installable Path remain as it is. Thus We… Read More »