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How to Login into different folders of Sage X3?

You may come across a scenario where you would like to login in to different folders of sage X3 by using the X3 login connection box. For that fallow the below steps New Stuff: How to handle two digit year in date Navigate To: Tools->Options Check “Display connection box” Sage X3 will display the below connection… Read More »

How to reset folder to zero

Have you come across a scenario where you want to test the transaction on the folder and again reset to Zero before you start the live transaction? Sage X3 has a special feature to reset the folder transaction to zero. It may be useful to purge the database of the transactions created in the test… Read More »

Delete Folder in Sage X3

We have created a folder in Sage X3 but as this is folder was a PILOT folder, now I want to delete the folder. As I deleted the folder the traces of the folder still remained i.e. the Tables of the folder, Folder Directory in Sage X3 Installable Path remain as it is. Thus We… Read More »

Error while importing folder in Sage X3

We have installed Sage X3 v6.2 and it was successfully installed. Now when we are importing a test folder we get an error message during the “Srf files generation” stage. The ERROR is mentioned below; Could not launch file C:\Sage\SAGEERPX3V6\X3V6\Folders\TESTOWE\SVG\srf-gen.cmd (LibAdmAdonix.CreateSrfFiles) 2011-10-04 11:22:49 : FATAL – configuration aborted 2011-10-04 11:22:49 : FATAL – ERR_TIMEOUT The… Read More »