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How to Upload the JAR file in the JAVA Bridge Server

We use the external resource like JAR file to execute our certain functionality, for which we need to upload the JAR file in the JAVA Bridge server and then we can access the same with 4GL code. Below are the steps to upload the JAR file in JAVA Bridge Server. Login into the JAVA bridge… Read More »

How to Update Database Mass using “Update transaction” Utility

We may come across a scenario where we want to replace the old value of field with new one, In that case Sage X3 has the Utility through which user can achieve this feature. For Example: If User wants to update the package field of all the products from old value “C01” to new value… Read More »

How to Roundup Decimal Number to the next Nearest Number.

While dealing with arithmetic operations, you may want to roundup the calculation result to the next nearest number. Sage X3 has a special function to achieve this. ARR : rounds a number to the next nearest number. ARR ( exp_num1, exp_num2 ) Parameter details:  exp_num1: Decimal number that will pass to “arr” function. exp_num2: if… Read More »