How to Upload the JAR file in the JAVA Bridge Server

By | July 31, 2016

We use the external resource like JAR file to execute our certain functionality, for which we need to upload the JAR file in the JAVA Bridge server and then we can access the same with 4GL code.

Below are the steps to upload the JAR file in JAVA Bridge Server.

Login into the JAVA bridge server through browser and browse URL.

 URL: localhost:27880/infos/index.jsp

upload the JAR file

Firstly we need to log into JAVA Bridge server with the relevant credential (User name and

Password) of server, to upload the JAR File)

upload the JAR file-sage x3

After successful login into the JAVA Bridge Server, now we can access the JAR file through the Extends menu where we can attach or detach the JAR file for processing.

To attach the JAR file we need to navigate as follow:

EXTENSION –> Submit a bundle.

Upload the JAR file in java

Clicking on the “Submit A Bundle” we will be able to view the above screen where we need to browse where JAR is located and upload the same.

Upload the JAR file in java bridge

After uploading of the JAR file we can view the uploaded JAR in EXTENSION–>The Extension bundles, with the time of upload when it is uploaded.

We need to restart the JAVA Bridge server from “Run – Services.msc” and restart the JAVA Bridge services.

Upload the JAR file in java server

Note: On the safer side it will be better to restart the JAVA Bridge server to reflect the changes.

Hope this helps.

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