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Mass update price list using a tag instead of updating line wise through standard template.

Have you ever wondered whether you could use a tag to update the prices of all the products without having to go to the trouble of utilizing the usual template? We have developed a new functionality in SageX3 that allows our client to alter the price by using supplier codes and tags. New Stuff: Disabling… Read More »

Inter-company price list setup to having different prices for the same product

When there are several companies, there may be an inter-company flow of goods It then becomes essential that these flows can be identified in order that the corresponding invoicing can take place. These flows can be defined by way of reciprocal orders or reciprocal open orders. But in this case, it is useful to have… Read More »

How to control Calculation basis of discount in Price structure

In Sage x3 we can control Discount calculation on what basis it should be calculated. In sales document we can enter Discount which will be calculated on 3 basis ‘By unit’, ‘by Line’, ‘by Document’ Navigate to Setup > Sales > Price list > Structures User can see the different values for Calculation basis (Refer… Read More »

Free product set-up on Sales Order in Sage Enterprise Management

We may come across a scenario where we want to give a free product on a particular product. We can achieve this feature by doing the below configuration. Let’s say ‘FIN014’ is a parent product and on this parent product user want to give the same product for free if the criteria match with the… Read More »

How to search product price list

Sage X3 has a special feature for search product price list before ordering a product from a customer, or even for checking reasons, it is possible to check which price list will be applied at a given date, for a given currency, for given sites and finally a given quantity, for the product-customer pair. New Stuff: How… Read More »