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Tracking Validation to check proportion of raw material has been tracked or not

During the Production tracking process in Sage X3, it has been identified that there is a need for validation to ensure that the minimum corresponding amount of raw material has been tracked or consumed prior to initiating Production tracking for a specific work order. To tackle this issue effectively, we plan to customize the Production… Read More »

Tracking Restriction and Creation on the basis of Stock Availability

As we know, Production Tracking is created against Work Order in Sage X3. But if stock of raw materials/components is not available then creation of Tracking should be restricted. Usually this type of customizations are done to restrict Tracking creation. But here in this customization we have added one more condition to handle partial Tracking… Read More »

Restriction when Requirement quantity is not equal to Quantity tracked

In Sage X3, Recently we had a requirement from one of our client, Requirement Quantity on the work order screen should be equal to the “Quantity tracked” on the production tracking screen then only the system will allow the user to create the Production tracking or else it will generate a pop-up and will restrict… Read More »