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Catch Weight Manufacturing in Sage Enterprise Management

In Food Manufacturing Industries, the actual catch weight of finished good may vary in weight in each of the production either when production is completed or in each process i.e. routings of production. To achieve this in Sage Enterprise Management, we have added the catch weight management add-on in the manufacturing module i.e. on the… Read More »

How to solve “WO status cannot be tracked” error message in Production tracking screen

In Sage X3, we may come across a scenario where we find difficulty in searching of work order number in Sage X3. To solve this functionality:  Navigate to: Manufacturing → Planning → Work Order Path to Work Order Screen  Now check the work order number ‘WOZA0120195’ in the  Production Tracking Screen. Work Order Screen Now… Read More »

WO reactivation and Product tracking deletion in sage X3

If we close the firm work orders in process which have been tracked before hand.The Complete function specifies the status “completed” of each operation, material and product line released. The WO status changes automatically from “in process” to “completed”. It is possible to continue to perform production tracking on a completed work order that is not… Read More »