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Automatic Product Code and Description generation from the User Input

In Sage X3, user can create products manually by setting the product code sequence and entering description for the same product in the product master. But now we have added a customization for automatic Product Code and Description generation to fulfil the client’s requirement. In this customization we have used one standard field “Product Line”… Read More »

How to conditionally format fields using the Highlighting Expert in Crystal Report

In the Sage X3, we have various standard reports for almost every screen which are developed in Crystal Report. Also we can develop customized reports as per client‘s need. Crystal Reports is a popular Windows-based report writer solution that allows a developer to create reports and dashboards from a variety of data sources with a… Read More »

Tracking Restriction and Creation on the basis of Stock Availability

As we know, Production Tracking is created against Work Order in Sage X3. But if stock of raw materials/components is not available then creation of Tracking should be restricted. Usually this type of customizations are done to restrict Tracking creation. But here in this customization we have added one more condition to handle partial Tracking… Read More »

Restriction on Duplicate LOT-SUBLOT creation

As everyone knows, LOT No creation for the raw materials can be done in Purchase Receipt and Miscellaneous Receipt transactions in Sage X3. In LOT No field, LOT will be generated either automatically or manually. User can enter LOT No manually. Logically, LOT No should be unique for every Product as per the LOT-SUBLOT concept.… Read More »