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How to add any description field in the left side panel

Recently we had a requirement in which client wants to add Routing description field on work order screen in left side panel and description field will be fetched from routing Master. This field addition will help user to find operation details on work order screen. Also, we can add this field on report level as… Read More »

How to assign Parameters for Open Sequential File

Iomode is used to assign for each open sequential file, the following parameters: Adxirs, Adxifs, Adxium. Syntax: Iomode ( Adxirs | Adxifs | Adxium ) Expression [using abbrev] where abbrev  describing the open file. Examples: # Read of the first 10 words in the line in sequential files # the fields are separated by ‘ … Read More »

Adaptation of Sage ERP X3 for a Multi – Legislation Manufacturing Unit

Today, the world is becoming a global village. Businesses are trying to penetrate in different countries in search of newer markets and also for cheaper labor/ raw materials. So, most of the times, we have a scenario wherein the head office is located in maybe the USA and manufacturing facilities is based out of China.… Read More »

Sage X3 Development: Outsource your Stress

Leverage the power of Sage X3 Development Services Sage X3 Sales Convention was a great place for converging of sales and development teams of Sage X3 partners worldwide and it proved to be a fertile ground for exchange of ideas and collaboration. It has been more than 3 months now and Greytrix would like to… Read More »