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Warning message on the screen when “To date” is smaller than “From date”

Sage X3, is a complete business management solution designed to drive productivity and give you total control and visibility of your enterprise. With customizable configuration, the flexible solution equips you with everything you need to drive business success. Easy to understand all the modules. Recently, we had a requirement from one of our client for… Read More »

Discount warning message on Sales Order based on the “Allowed Discount” field

As seen in our previous blog, we discussed about warning message validation on credit note as per the financial year. Today we are going to discuss another customization on the Sales Order screen which is very useful to users in their business process for customer transactions. One of our client has requested to have some… Read More »

Making Bank Payments using the ACH NACHA Bank files from Sage X3

Every company has to make a series of payments to its Suppliers / Vendors. Nowadays, payments made using ACH are preferred by maximum companies because it not only saves time and money but is also easier and quicker to make payments/get paid with increased security while preventing the possibility of frauds. Many of the Sage… Read More »

How to avoid clashing between local variable and table column name?

In Sage X3, we may come across the situation where we may be having some variable name declared in the code file and the same variable in table. Sage X3 has special keyword to make differentiation between local variable and the table variable as there can be same name used while declaring the local variable… Read More »

How to Check Whether the Given Directory/ Path Exists or Not

In Sage X3, we may come across a situation where we need to know whether the path or a particular directory exists or not. We can know this using following function: Syntax: filinfo(path_fil, arg_ent) Parameters: path_fil: Char type expression for the file path to be tested Arg_ent: Integer expression specifying the property to be found.… Read More »

Integrating Loyalty program with Sage X3 system

Customer Retention is the important business sense for the growth of an organization. We have to keep our customers engaged and interested in our products and services. With some improvement in service quality and loyalty incentives, it is easier to retain the existing customer base and keep them happy. The 3 pronged approach to retaining… Read More »

Why Customizations are not getting installed in Sage X3?

Recently, we have created a new test folder in Sage X3 for one of the projects we have been working on. After completing the configuration process, we moved to install the customization patches. To my surprise, the customizations were not reflecting even though the installation of patches went fine. So, we backtracked the configuration process… Read More »

Sage X3 Development: Outsource your Stress

Leverage the power of Sage X3 Development Services Sage X3 Sales Convention was a great place for converging of sales and development teams of Sage X3 partners worldwide and it proved to be a fertile ground for exchange of ideas and collaboration. It has been more than 3 months now and Greytrix would like to… Read More »