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How to Align Lot numbers with Work order numbers

A Work order is an order to make one or more products. Conventionally, the work order uses a bill of materials (BOM) to create a list of materials to be issued, and a routing to make a list of operations to be performed on work centers. Work orders dictate what product need to be manufactured,… Read More »

Manufacturing Project Management (MPM) module features for enhanced Project Management

The Manufacturing Project Management module is aimed at accommodating the needs of manufacturing companies that use Project Management to design and manufacture goods and products. The standard Project Management functionality in Sage X3 has been enhanced in MPM with specific features that make it more specific to manufacturing project management Sage X3. The Project is… Read More »

Adaptation of Sage ERP X3 for a Multi – Legislation Manufacturing Unit

Today, the world is becoming a global village. Businesses are trying to penetrate in different countries in search of newer markets and also for cheaper labor/ raw materials. So, most of the times, we have a scenario wherein the head office is located in maybe the USA and manufacturing facilities is based out of China.… Read More »