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How to Create Contract Purchase Order in Sage X3?

A contract order is a long-term commitment with a supplier concerning one or more products, for a global quantity and value to be delivered. The contract order is further divided in shipment requests that are made as a function of the contract. A contract can also be intercompany or site transfer. These shipment requests are… Read More »

How to Restrict Purchase Order for the Product having Expiry Date?

If you come across a scenario where you want to restrict purchase order for the product which has an expiry date then Sage X3 provides a standard functionality called “Product end-of-life date”. Product end-of-life date: when this date is exceeded, it is not possible to enter orders to the supplier. To set up this functionality:… Read More »

Re-Open Closed Purchase Orders in Sage X3

Sage X3 provides the feature of Re-opening the Closed Purchase order to add an additional line or edit the existing one. The function which provides this feature is “Close and Re-Open orders”. To navigate through this screen we need to go to Purchasing > Orders > Close and Re-Open Orders (Process name is FUNCLEAR). You… Read More »