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How to make multiple selection of transaction in single field

In Sage X3, there are various types of transactions for different modules such as sales order, purchase order, sales invoice, purchase invoice, customer BP invoice, etc. Sage X3 have feature of selection that is a “lookup” button on fields which helps the user to choice a particular selection. Sometimes there may be requirement for particular… Read More »

How to solve if added tab in window is not visible after global validation of window

Sometimes, it happens when we add any customized screen or tab in window, we are not able see the customized screen added in the window. Also, it might happen you may see the fields of the added tab in the window but not added tab. We mostly solve this issue by global validation of window… Read More »

How to check if the transaction is being locked in another workstation?

In Sage X3 customization you may came across the scenarios where you want to add validation on based on the record lock condition. If the record is lock on another work station then the record cannot be updated on another workstation. New Stuff: How to add months to your date variable in Sage X3 version 7… Read More »