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How to Find the Last Date of Any Month

You may come across the situation where you have to find the last date of any month whether it is 30, 31, 28 or 29. To do so we can take help of EOMONTH function. Syntax: eomonth(DATE_EXPR) DATE_EXPR is an expression returning a date value. Consider following example where we have to find out the… Read More »

How to Enable EU VAT no. field.

If we come across a scenario where we want to find EU VAT no. field of the companies’ disabled then Sage x3 provides a standard functionality to enable the field. Steps to enable this functionality: Navigation: Common Data – Common Table – Countries. Navigate to the respective country for which EU VAT no. field has… Read More »

How to Solve “expression too large” error in Sage X3

You may come across the scenario where you get an “expression too large” as below. This is may be due to number of expressions reached to its limit. The cause to the problem is as follow. Cause – Sage X3 has a limitation when number of code files increases. The error comes not because of… Read More »