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How to get template name through coding while using Import/Export Template

We might come across the scenario to find template name through the mask. We can also access using standard table name(AOBJEXTD) with abbrevation[AOD] and field name EXT. Refer to the screenshot below: Write code below in specific script ‘YPEIMPBIS’ of import/export template. Example: $Action Case Action When “IMP_OUVRE”:infbox “Script Name:”+num$([F:AOD]EXT) EndCase return The result is:… Read More »

Rounding off Net Unit Price in Sales Order

In a Sales order, while dealing with pricing we may want to round off net price to the nearest decimal. Sage X3 provides a parameter where we can set whether we want to round off the price or not. SALRND parameter is helpful when the pricing value is in decimals. This parameter stipulates whether a… Read More »