Assigning Workflow Parameters in Sage X3

By | December 27, 2012

In our last blog, Send Invoice Reports Automatically in Sage X3, we have seen how we can set up and use workflow in Sage X3. To keep the context simple and clear we avoided the core technicalities including parameterization required for the workflow to work. So, in this blog, we will be exploring the various parameters that can be used to configure the workflow as desired.

The workflow parameters can be found at

Parameters -> General Parameters -> Parameter Values.

Here, select the Supervisor “SUP” folder and Workflow “WRK”.
Following are some of the important parameters and their descriptions:

  • SERMES – We can specify the SMTP server Hostname or IP address here. This server will then be used to send workflow email notifications. This field can be left blank if the local email client is to be used to send workflow emails.
  • TRAMEL – This parameter determines whether workflow logs are to be enabled or disabled.
  • TYPMES – This parameter determines the default email sending mechanism. The possible options are:
    • Server: Choose this option if SMTP Server is to be used to send workflow emails. SMTP server Hostname or the IP address must be specified the in the SERMES parameter.
    • Client: Choose this option if the local email client (e.g. Outlook mail client) credentials are to be used to send the workflow emails.
  • WRKRMTDIR – We need to specify the WORKFLOW directory path that on the web server. This is the path where workflow replies will be stored for batch execution.
  • WRKRMTHTTP – This is the X3 webserver machine name or IP address, with the relevant port number (e.g. 28880) and the X3 workflow process name AdxWfC (this name is case sensitive).
  • WRKRMTMAC – This is the X3 web server Hostname or the IP address along with the X3 Runtime service port number (e.g. 1802).
  • WRKSINTER – This is the X3 webserver URL which can be accessed over the internet
  • WRKSINTRA – This is the X3 webserver URL that can be accessed within the LAN (intranet)

Hope this blog on Workflow parameters would help you in tuning your workflows as desired.

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