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How to add new selection page in Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) can help to convert all that data into actionable insights to run your business more effectively. SEI provides you with a simple tool to not only access and analyze your ERP data, but also setup personalized dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) so you get quick access to the data that’s… Read More »

How to improve loading of screen time of transactions in Sage X3 V12

In Sage X3, transactions and their records play significant role. There can be various records in an entry transaction. During opening of any entry transactions, sometimes screen loading takes several seconds to open which causes system delay. This may be caused by unnecessary records loaded from the left list during screen opening. This can be… Read More »

How to hold an order for a customer that has exceeded their credit limit in Sage X3

A sales order specifies the details about products ordered by a specific customer along with the price, quantity and terms and conditions. Customer: In sales, commerce and economics, a customer which sometimes are a clients, buyer or purchaser or is the recipient of a good, service , product or an idea obtained from a seller, vendor or… Read More »

How to update a header field through workflow

Sometimes we may come under a situation where we need to update a field in the same time when the workflow gets triggered. To update field on running workflow firstly we need to select a workflow rule. i.e at what action you need to update the field (For eg: on Validation, rejection, notification, cancellation etc).… Read More »

Fetching the parameter values

In custom sage X3 development, we frequently use parameters for the use of constant values. New Stuff: Filtering the Selection List in Sage X3 without Object There are two ways to fetch the parameters values:      1.  Creating global variable: Creating global variable and assigning the parameter values to it.But   whenever the parameter values change, we need to… Read More »

Creating Parameter Values in Sage X3

We need to add another Parameter to the Parameter Value available under General Parameters. There are few quick steps to add the parameter, as mentioned below: Also Read: Setting Parameters in Actions function in Sage X3 Go to Development> Data and Parameters> Development Setup> Parameter Definition; Select the Module where we need to assign the… Read More »