Automatic Remittance Generation through Batch

By | July 22, 2016

In the business process we may need a process wherein the Remittance will be created automatically on daily basis. In Sage X3 we can do this in simple way by using the Batch process. Refer to below steps for the same.

Step 1: Create the task follow the below steps for the same:

  • Navigate to Usage > Batch server >
  • “Ctrl+n” for new task entry. Enter the task code “YREMITNCE”
  • Mark Active checkbox
  • Enter the function name GENBORREM
  • Refer to below screen shot for more clarification.

Automatic Remittance Generation

Step 2: Create the Recurring task, follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to Usage > Batch server > Recurring task management
  • “Ctrl+n” for new task entry. Enter the Recurring task code “YREMITNCE”
  • Enter the Task code “YREMITNCE”
  • Mark Active checkbox
  • Enter the recurrence set up field as per your requirement

Recurring Task Management

  • Click on Parameter definition button
  • Set the Remittance generation parameter in the screen

Automatic Remittance Creation

  • Now the remittance generation function will automatically call in the batch task as per the set up.
  • You can monitor the batch execution in the below function

Navigate to Usage > Batch server > Request management

Hope this helps.

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