Mass Generation of Purchase Order

By | August 29, 2016

You may come across a situation where you want to create Purchase order for many suppliers and products.

Sage X3 provides a feature in which mass generation of Purchase Order can be done at once. To achieve this functionality, navigate to Purchasing → Orders → Buyers plan.

Follow the below steps:-


Mass Generation of Purchase Order

STEP 2 –

Mass Generation

STEP 3 –

Sage X3 Mass Generation

STEP 4 –

The Purchase Orders that got created will be accessible in purchase receipts screens so that user can create purchase receipts for the generated Orders.

Sage X3 Mass Generation of Purchase Order

This function is used to prepare a series of orders for different suppliers, by taking into account the requirements issued by the different services in the form of purchase requests or the suggestions generated by the MRP calculation or the reorder calculation functions.

 When the products to buy are distributed among various buyers, this function makes it possible, for each buyer, to process only the products concerning him in his planning workbench.

 Hope this helps.

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