“How to assign Access Code to User by creating permission on Field”

By | November 7, 2022

User plays a key role in a Business process.  User Access Is a Vital thing to do in Initial Phase Of Business.  The rights given to users allowing them to access particular instance, can be vary from different type can be read (read only) or  can allow to  update (read and write)follows as  as “user privileges,” “user rights,” and “user authorizations.”

In the previous  blog  we have seen  how to assign Acces code to User Based On Screens /Module ,  This blog helps you to understands how to assign a access code to user which is  based on Particular Fields.

Suppose for Example, we want  to give the rights of  only active/ In development/Non Usable/Not renewed/ shortage  products to Particular User .

We have to follow given Process ,

  1. create the access code based on the Item Status i.e. PDST  ( Item Status ) in


2. After that at row level permission, create a new Permission Code as PPDST , the Object For Product code = ITM , assign Permission to  screen ITM =PPDST with Field  ITMSTA

3. Once the permission assign to the field on screen , next we have to define the created assign code to User with Permission code  with the Key required to filter  type of Product.

4. On  Setup –>  User –> User screen ,  put the Permission created above for that Screen /Field then assign access code by allowing action to Inquiry, Modification, Execution to PDST.

 5. Now  when User1 Will login to X3  , user can see and used only products  which are assigned as  per the criteria assigned to them through Access Code.

By doing all the above process we can give access of Particular limited Fields to User.