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How to solve ‘Supplement not assigned’ error while creating purchase receipt for subcontract PO’s in Sage X3

Subcontracting process, raw materials are provided to subcontracting supplier/customer. It’s being processed by subcontracting supplier/customer, convert it to semi-finish material and deliver back. To solve the error ‘supplement not assigned’, there are main point which are linked with it. Work Order. Purchase Order. Sales Delivery. PO’s Purchase Receipt. Let’s describe each points shortly. Work Order: A… Read More »

Use of MAXALLQTY parameter

In a normal business scenario, Manufacturing plays an important role as it is a key part of any business process. Manufacturing is the creation or production of goods with the help of equipment, labour, machines, tools, and chemical or biological processing or formulation. It is the essence of the secondary sector of economy. The manufacturing… Read More »

Partial quantity allocated Work order display in Operation tracking plan screen

In Sage X3, we recently faced an issue where partially allocated work orders were not shown in the Operation tracking plan screen. Let’s take an example to understand the issue.The below work order has partial allocation and the Work Order was not being shown in the Operation Tracking plan screen. New Stuff: Enabling reports on… Read More »

Automatic deallocation function in Sage X3

The automatic deallocation processing of material linked to production for a given site, a given period and selected work orders can be initiated using this function. This processing can deallocate the materials based on the initial allocation type (global or detailed). A deallocation processing can be initiated based on the type of initial allocation (global or detailed) for materials assigned to a given site, a given period, and selected work orders. Below are the… Read More »

How to restrict the quantity to be allocated in an order line by default

In Sage X3 we can control how much of the ordered quantity should be allocated in sales order. The quantity entered in the ‘Qty to allocate’ field will be allocated to that particular order line. The quantity entered can be greater than the ordered quantity in this case a warning message will signal this and… Read More »

How to restrict the Automatic allocation in Sage X3

An allocation is an amount of something, especially money, that is given to a particular person or used for a particular purpose. Allocation is the process of assigning product items from the inventory to shipping orders and then fulfilling the shipping orders from appropriate fulfilment sites such as drop-ship vendors, virtual sites, warehouses, or a… Read More »