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How to restrict the text based on date condition by using the cdate() function in Crystal report

Crystal report is an application used to create custom reports from a various of data sources. It includes major features such as formulas, cross-tab reports, sub-reports , special fields and conditional formatting etc. In Sage X3 recently we had an requirement that one of our client wants the hardcoded declaration based on supplier type and… Read More »

Sales By Customer Dashboard in Sage X3.

For any organisation, having a sales by customer dashboard in their ERP systems is a valuable tool for any businesses to track and analyse their sales performance with a focus on individual customers. This dashboard can provide insights into customer-specific sales data, helping you make informed decisions and improve customer relationships.Recently, one of our clients… Read More »

Customization to keep track of the freight outward payment made with reference to Sales Invoice

Freight-outward is the shipping and handling cost incurred by a company for delivering finished goods to a customer. It is paid by the seller, not by the purchaser. So in Sage X3, seller mention freight charges in the Sales Invoices. Sometimes, Transporters generate bill multiple times against same Sales Invoice. So it was difficult to… Read More »

Loading Chart customization in Sage X3

In Sage X3, one of the client’s requirements was to have a screen that’ll be used for the purpose of tracking Sales Invoice contents based on QR code label before the final process of Loading the goods in delivery transports, hence we’ve given it the name Loading Chart.Furthermore, the customization provides a business solution in… Read More »

Bulk E-way bill generation after crossing a Threshold limit

As we already know, as per the government’s rule, E-way bill generation will be required whenever the transportation (movement of Goods in a vehicle) is being done. Transporters are required to generate and carry an e-way bill while transporting goods from one place to another if the total value exceeds the limit which is already… Read More »

Sales Invoice creation based on Delivery Type in Sage X3

In Sage X3, “Document type” is a mandatory field in every transaction screen. So we need to select document type while creating any transaction. Also, “Invoice” button is available in Sales Delivery screen to create Invoice entry of that Delivery from the delivery screen. And when Invoice is created by clicking on that Invoice button… Read More »

How to solve an error – “Automatic Journal does not allow validation”

As we all know, we need to post the Sales Invoice entry after creation in Sage X3. And after posting, Journal entry of that posted invoice is created automatically. But sometimes, an error occurs after clicking on the post button on the Sales Invoice screen because of some improper configuration settings. The invoice gets created… Read More »

Dynamic Departure time change based on Arrival time selection

In Sage X3, one of the client’s requirement was to have a dynamic departure time field update based on Arrival time field data under Management tab of Sales invoice module. The field takes value in the form of HH:MM. Below is theCustomization done for achieving the same. New Stuff: Validation of Supplier Invoice No and… Read More »

Validation on Gross/Net Price and Qty fields in Sales/Purchase Invoice Transactions

As we all know, while creating any transaction in Sage X3, we can enter quantity and price manually in detail line as per the requirement. But one of our client wanted to restrict the creation of the Sales/Purchase Invoice Transactions if the user is trying to enter ‘0’ in Gross/Net Price and Quantity fields. Even… Read More »

How to update the pay approval on a posted purchase invoice in Sage X3

There may be situation that a user needs to change the due date or pay approval on a posted sales invoice or purchase invoices . Sage x3 provides a functionality called the Open item edit function to make the changes to the due date , pay approval as well as other characteristics for open items.… Read More »