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Download sales invoice data in JSON format through Sage X3

Harness the power of Sage X3 with our custom solution that effortlessly converts your sales invoice data into JSON format, ready for uploading to a government portal through a third-party API. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through this tailor-made process. When it comes to E-invoice generation for government compliance, sometimes you need a… Read More »

Defaulting Screen/Mask fields in Sage X3

In Sage X3, every now and then a requirement requires a defaulting screen/mask field with a value upon initialization or start of processing. To achieve this requirement, Sage X3 offers several ways such as scripting in the Action script under specific events or through screen dictionaries.Below we are demonstrating how to default value through screen… Read More »

Refreshing the Left-List data for misc. windows using 4GL scripting in Sage X3

In Sage X3, one of the client’s requirements was to get a left-list browser on a custom miscellaneous type window from where we were creating transactions in an unique way.Since we know for left-lists an object needs to be linked in the browser tab of the window under development window, and the object requires a… Read More »

How to flow custom fields from Customer master to Sales order screen

In Sage X3, in customer master user have provision to define multiple addresses with different address codes. So one of our client has requested to add some custom fields on address tab of customer master. And flow it to the Sales order depending on the address code selection on Sales order screen Suppose user wants… Read More »

Calculating number of attachments in Sage X3

As we know, using attachment featured In Sage X3, user can attach various documents/files against any masters or transactions screen. With this feature users can attach file types like word document, Image, Text, PDF and Excel etc. The attached documents can be the reference/source documents of that particular entry. This helps all the users to… Read More »