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How can we prevent a PO being generated for a Back-to-back sales order on manual hold in Sage X3 version 12

In our previous blog, we have discussed regarding the process to create a Back-to-back order by using the sales orders. In this blog we will see How to create a Back-to-back order if sales order is on manual hold.However, in a Sage X3 when sales order status is on manual hold, then user can’t create… Read More »

Data Backup and Restore in Sage ERP X3

The most important feature of any ERP is to provide data backup/ restore feature. Sage ERP X3 provides this in an option called Data Import/Extract available under its Development Parent Menu. The folder which consists of this data backup in Sage X3 is called as “SVG”. This folder is available in the below-mentioned path: Sage… Read More »

Data Maintenance in Sage X3

There are various scenarios when we need to check the Database Tables: [Before playing with data its always Safe to have a backup] Either we need to find the data added in backend for the hidden fields, as we are not able to check it on screen. In case if there is no screen developed… Read More »

Purging and Archiving Data in Sage X3 – Using Database Mass Update

As discussed in our previous blog the Database Mass Update allows creation/modification/deletion of information in Sage X3. We would explain the execution of the tool with an example of deletion of the table data. In the below e.g. the ZGACCENTD [detail] acts as the main table whiles the ZGACCENTH [Header] and ZGACCENTA [analytical] remains as… Read More »