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Calculate expected subcontract cost in Sage X3

This function can be launched on a single sub-contracting order or on a selection of sub-contracting orders (EO), using the filters. It is used to calculate the various costs corresponding to the various stages of the sub-contracting order in order to analyze the variances and the valuation choices in the production reporting. A single subcontracting… Read More »

Using the Inquiry screen during Financial Data Extraction

As continued from our earlier blog now we are already acquainted with a configuration of the FDE setup/ Calculation part. Now we are remaining with only the last part to View the data in FDE. Let’s discuss the same in this blog: FDE Inquiry Function Path:  Financials > Reporting > Financial Data Extraction > Inquiry This option makes… Read More »

Calculation Part of Financial Data Extraction

We have already set up an FDE in X3 we will proceed a step further i.e. to be acquainted about the Calculation part of the FDE. The below article will help you in getting an idea regarding the FDE Calculation. FDE Calculation Function Path:   Financials > Reporting > Financial Data Extraction > Calculation As the name suggest… Read More »

Financial Data Extraction in Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 provides a powerful, financial-oriented data extraction facility for all inquiry and reporting needs. Used in conjunction with information, users can easily design and generate all company-specific operating statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports and inquiries. Sage ERP X3 provides a number of report-building tools, such as row and column content and… Read More »