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How to do Location change of specific document through code…?

In one of our customization, there was a requirement where quantity allocated to transactions (order, delivery etc.) should be moved to another transaction. To do this we think of using standard Location change function. But creating location change record will not move the inventory allocated to the specific document (it does the location change for… Read More »

Control Document Numbering in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3)

Each sequence number counter is identified by an alphanumeric code. Once you have defined the structure of your sequence numbers you use the sequence number Assignment function to assign the sequence number to a specific type of document. Ever wondered what determines the Document number of a transaction in Sage X3 and how you can… Read More »

Document Scanning in Sage X3

Document Scanning has been one of the most sought-after features in most ERPs. In this blog, we will demonstrate a custom Document Scanning utility created by us that is integrated with the existing Sage X3s’ Attachments utility. This custom document scanning utility empowers you to scan a document that is on the scanner and attach… Read More »