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Disabling buttons for Miscellaneous windows in Sage X3

In Sage X3, there are several types of windows design to choose from such as Object, Miscellaneous, Inquiry and Inquiry criteria. Out of which main transaction windows are object types, however miscellaneous types windows offer freedom to customize the windows however the developer wants. Below we’ll show how to disable a custom window button for… Read More »

Managing User Access with Security Profiles in Sage X3

A security profile in Sage X3 is an essential component of the system’s security framework, allowing you to control and manage access to various resources, data, and functionality within the Sage X3 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Security profiles are used to set and enforce user-specific rights and limits, ensuring that individuals or roles in… Read More »

How to do Location change of specific document through code…?

In one of our customization, there was a requirement where quantity allocated to transactions (order, delivery etc.) should be moved to another transaction. To do this we think of using standard Location change function. But creating location change record will not move the inventory allocated to the specific document (it does the location change for… Read More »