Enhancement feature in EMV12 for managing serial numbers in Product using “Global Received/Issued”

By | December 31, 2019

The new feature in V12 for managing serial numbers for product using the “Global received/issued” radio button under serial no.management section in Product screen increases better usability and increase performance and productivity.

Here are the steps to check the benefits using the new option added for serial number products.

STEP 1: Navigate to product screen to choose “Global Received/Issued” option under serial no.management

Navigate to: AllCommon dataProducts. In Management tab, under Serial No.management, There are options like Not managed, Issued, Received/Issued, Global Received/Issued. Select “Global Received/Issued”. Refer Fig 1.1

STEP 2: Create Miscellaneous receipt for the product which chosen as Global received/issued.

Navigate to: All  StockReceipts/Issue transactions Miscellaneous Receipt. Created a Miscellaneous receipt with 10 quantity for serialized product (SER_PROD_001 to SER_PROD_010).Refer the screen shot below, Fig 2.1

STEP 3: Enhancement option of serial number in ‘Detailed stock’

Navigate to: All -> Stock -> Inquiries -> Detailed Stock

Click on Action button, serial numbers is the enhancement feature visible, click to get the serial numbers, as shown in Fig 3.1

Table used:

Serial Numbers are linked to STOSER table that contain serial numbers that are pending where as STOJOU table contains range of serial numbers.

Few Points to consider:

1.Stocks is always managed in stock units

2.Negative stock is not allowed

This blog helps to understand the benefits of new option (Global Received/Issued) added under serial no management section in product screen that allows for one stock line to contain several serial numbers.