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Enhancement feature in EMV12 for managing serial numbers in Product using “Global Received/Issued”

The new feature in V12 for managing serial numbers for product using the “Global received/issued” radio button under serial no.management section in Product screen increases better usability and increase performance and productivity. Here are the steps to check the benefits using the new option added for serial number products. STEP 1: Navigate to product screen… Read More »

Using Miscellaneous Tables in Sage ERP X3

Sage X3 has provided the developers with an extensive feature called Miscellaneous Tables, Miscellaneous Tables are logical tables to store codes/List of Values for e.g. Rules, Terms, Payment Methods, etc.. it comes handy whenever we need to provide users with options/dropdowns to have strict data integrity. There are 2 types of the Miscellaneous table: Independent… Read More »