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Managing User Access with Security Profiles in Sage X3

A security profile in Sage X3 is an essential component of the system’s security framework, allowing you to control and manage access to various resources, data, and functionality within the Sage X3 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Security profiles are used to set and enforce user-specific rights and limits, ensuring that individuals or roles in… Read More »

How to provide profiles changing access to a non admin users in Sage X3

All users play a very critical role in Sage X3, also it has a feature where we can set a permissions and access to a particular user. The need to restrict users to access ERP Modules can be based on the employees’ role and their department. User security and access should be the top most… Read More »

How to create Workbooks in SEI in Sage X3

Workbooks are powerful tools that allow you to manipulate and analyse data in a variety of ways. One of the ways that workbooks can be made even more powerful is through the use of global variables and global selection page variables. Selection pages are a powerful tool in workbooks that can be used for more… Read More »

How to hold an order for a customer that has exceeded their credit limit in Sage X3

A sales order specifies the details about products ordered by a specific customer along with the price, quantity and terms and conditions. Customer: In sales, commerce and economics, a customer which sometimes are a clients, buyer or purchaser or is the recipient of a good, service , product or an idea obtained from a seller, vendor or… Read More »