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Sales Invoice creation based on Delivery Type in Sage X3

In Sage X3, “Document type” is a mandatory field in every transaction screen. So we need to select document type while creating any transaction. Also, “Invoice” button is available in Sales Delivery screen to create Invoice entry of that Delivery from the delivery screen. And when Invoice is created by clicking on that Invoice button… Read More »

How can we prevent a PO being generated for a Back-to-back sales order on manual hold in Sage X3 version 12

In our previous blog, we have discussed regarding the process to create a Back-to-back order by using the sales orders. In this blog we will see How to create a Back-to-back order if sales order is on manual hold.However, in a Sage X3 when sales order status is on manual hold, then user can’t create… Read More »

How to get descriptive values from Miscellaneous Tables Value in Sage Enterprise Management

You may come across the situation, where you need to read the description from the miscellaneous table. One of the possible ways to do is as below: If !clalev ([ZAT]) : Local File ATEXTRA[ZAT]  : Endif For  [ZAT] WHERE CODFIC=’ATABDIV’ AND IDENT1=’32’ AND ZONE=’LNGDES’ AND LANGUE=GLANGUE infbox num$(TEXTE) next The TEXTE will return you the… Read More »