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Auto-printing order acknowledgement functionality in Sage X3

In Sage X3, reports play an important role for representing transactions and records for analysis and growth perspective. Reporting enables businesses to gain real-time visibility into their critical processes, such as sales, finance, inventory, and production. With accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips, decision-makers can make informed choices, identify bottlenecks, and drive operational efficiency. Likewise,… Read More »

How to print report in the specified directory of the server through the batch task in Sage X3.

In Sage X3 sometimes user want to keep or download the reports which are generated via crystal reports on the specified server path rather than printing the many more report in the preview mode or on the client work station. On the client workstation, the system will get hang if there are more than 50… Read More »

How to include portrait and landscape sub-reports in single report in Crystal Report

Crystal Report, a powerful reporting tool allows users to create both portrait and landscape report. It provides the flexibility to design and customize reports based on the specific needs of the data being presented. Portrait Reports – In a portrait oriented report, the height of the page is greater than its width. Portrait reports are… Read More »

How to restrict the text based on date condition by using the cdate() function in Crystal report

Crystal report is an application used to create custom reports from a various of data sources. It includes major features such as formulas, cross-tab reports, sub-reports , special fields and conditional formatting etc. In Sage X3 recently we had an requirement that one of our client wants the hardcoded declaration based on supplier type and… Read More »

Creating Dashboards In Sage Enterprise Intelligence(SEI)

Sage Enterprise Intelligence gives business users, managers and executives the   power to analyze and create business reports, dashboards and views. Dashboards are a quick and effective way for decision makers to get detailed insight into  business. In this blog we will have a look on how we can create a dashboards in Sage Enterprise Intelligence… Read More »

How to add Custom Reports to Printer Icon on Customized Window

Report: A report is a document that presents information in an organized format for a specific purpose. Crystal Report: Crystal Reports is an application used to create custom reports from a variety of data sources. It includes the major features for an application to create database reporting environments, such as data access, report design/formatting, report viewing, and application integration. Crystal Reports… Read More »

How to open printing screen & print a desired report on click of customized menu item

In Sage X3, reports play an important role for representing transactions and records for analysis and growth perspective. Reports can be printed by navigating to the reports module as well as it can be printed via writing script file using 4GL code in sage X3. Sometimes there might be a requirement if the end user… Read More »

Formatting of text using HTML tags for Sage X3 Reports

In Sage X3, every company/site/supplier/customer have their addresses that we fetch from the respective screens to Standard or Custom reports. Normally we create a formula in Crystal Report for address with the required fields and place that formula wherever required. This can be also achieved by using HTML tags in formula. Using this method can… Read More »