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How to open Fiscal/Financial Year in Sage X3

As we know, before any accounting operations, the accounting financial years involved must be created and open. This function is therefore used to manage, by company, the status of the financial years. Associated with that particular entry transaction validation screen. You may also get an error as “Incorrect date” while creating transactions in Sage X3.… Read More »

How to skip entry transaction pop-up and select a default entry transaction?

You might have come across a situation where you might have to open a window via code. Here, if there are multiple entry transactions for the window, then the Entry Transaction Dialog will pop-up and would require the user to manually select the Entry transaction before the opening of the desired window. This can be… Read More »

Entry Transaction in Sage X3

Someone who is new to Sage X3 will always come across a query, what is Entry transaction? And obviously look for answers and we will be really glad to provide a solution. Entry Transaction provides the ability to define different frameworks for the same Transactions screens, but surprisingly without any customizations. Just me give you… Read More »