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Gross Price logic in Sales and Purchase Order Transactions

In Sage X3, we have the option to manually enter price in the detail line as required while creating any transaction. However, one of our clients wanted to add a validation on “Gross Price” field in Sales and Purchase Order Transactions based on Price Lists.Here, user will enter supplier and product combination with price in… Read More »

Validation on Quantity field of the Purchase Invoice screen

In Sage X3, validating the quantity field in a Purchase Invoice screen is important to ensure data accuracy and prevent errors in your accounting or inventory management system.Recently we had a requirement to add validation on the quantity field in the Purchase Invoice screen in such a way that, If the Purchase Order is created… Read More »

Workflow in Sales Price List

While creating any transaction in Sage X3, user has to enter “Gross Price” manually for the products in the detail line. But sometimes we use Price Lists to flow Gross Price automatically on the basis of Product and Supplier/ Customer combination. We have different price lists for Sales and Purchase with the respective Customers and… Read More »