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Workflow in Sales Price List

While creating any transaction in Sage X3, user has to enter “Gross Price” manually for the products in the detail line. But sometimes we use Price Lists to flow Gross Price automatically on the basis of Product and Supplier/ Customer combination. We have different price lists for Sales and Purchase with the respective Customers and… Read More »

How to block creation of purchase order from partially signed PR

Purchase request is a document detailing required items, the number required and when they will be required. Once approved it becomes a purchase order. A purchase request is an unapproved purchase order. The purchase request details what items and services are required, the quantity, supplier, and associated costs. A purchase order (PO) is a commercial… Read More »

Purchase Request Signature

In our previous blog, we had discussed about some tips on configuring the Signature Workflow. Continuing on the same topic, we will discuss the Signature Workflow of X3 but with some specialized scenarios in this blog. Related Post: How to Setup Quote Signature Management Let’s take an example of a business scenario wherein the business… Read More »