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Sales By Customer Dashboard in Sage X3.

For any organisation, having a sales by customer dashboard in their ERP systems is a valuable tool for any businesses to track and analyse their sales performance with a focus on individual customers. This dashboard can provide insights into customer-specific sales data, helping you make informed decisions and improve customer relationships.Recently, one of our clients… Read More »

Validation on Quantity field of the Purchase Invoice screen

In Sage X3, validating the quantity field in a Purchase Invoice screen is important to ensure data accuracy and prevent errors in your accounting or inventory management system.Recently we had a requirement to add validation on the quantity field in the Purchase Invoice screen in such a way that, If the Purchase Order is created… Read More »

Partial quantity allocated Work order display in Operation tracking plan screen

In Sage X3, we recently faced an issue where partially allocated work orders were not shown in the Operation tracking plan screen. Let’s take an example to understand the issue.The below work order has partial allocation and the Work Order was not being shown in the Operation Tracking plan screen. New Stuff: Enabling reports on… Read More »

Validation on Gross/Net Price and Qty fields in Sales/Purchase Invoice Transactions

As we all know, while creating any transaction in Sage X3, we can enter quantity and price manually in detail line as per the requirement. But one of our client wanted to restrict the creation of the Sales/Purchase Invoice Transactions if the user is trying to enter ‘0’ in Gross/Net Price and Quantity fields. Even… Read More »

PO Quantity Validation on Order Pre-receipt screen

In Sage X3, Order pre-receipt transaction is made before we received the goods and make the GRN. During Order Pre-Receipt transaction, user select the respective Purchase Order number from the left list and data gets populated in the lines tab with the Order number and their respective details on the screen. Recently, we got the… Read More »

Formula based Material Issue

This “Formula based material issue” concept will be mostly useful in Pharmaceutical Industries, as these type of industries produce medicines. In manufacturing process, drugs will be considered as Raw Material to produce one particular tablet/ medicine. For this, quantity of required drugs should be correctly calculated. By using this formula based concept we will be… Read More »

Purchase Receipt quantity not flowing to Purchase Invoice screen in Sage X3

In Sage X3, we faced an issue for the Quantity not getting flown from Purchase Receipt to Purchase Invoice screen on the selection from the left list. As per the standard process, we create a Purchase order, and further we create a Purchase receipt using the same Purchase Order. Further, while creating the Purchase Invoice… Read More »