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How to create and add formula on inquiry screen

An inquiry screen is used to extract information from one or more table and present it in the from of a grid. It help us to display the records based on the filter criteria we entered. In Sage X3, we have a multiple inquiry screens available such as Stock by product, stock by lot,stock by… Read More »

How to solve if new field added in inquiry screen and still not visible after global validation of window.

As we all know, generally after adding fields in screens, we globally validate window of that screen and we are able to see the new added field in that screen. But in inquiry screens, it is little different. In this we will see how we add new field in inquiry screen and how we can… Read More »

How to Do Entry Transaction Validation of Inquiry Screens

In Sage X3, you may come across a scenario where you have to do customization on any inquiry screen. For screen level changes, we simply need to make the changes and validate the corresponding screen. But, it will not reflect the changes unless we do entry transaction validation of that Inquiry screen. This validation is… Read More »