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How to force the display of the fields in a mask

Envzo forces the display of the fields in a mask. Example : # in record deletion # the’OBJect controls the links with the table dictionary # each analysed table is displayed in this window $VERF For [A_TZ]LIEN(2) Where LIEN=FICANU & ANNUL=1 FICHIER = [F:A_TZ]CODFIC Read [A_TB]CODFIC = FICHIER If !GSERVEUR & !GIMPORT If [M:VLC]NUMERO=”” [M:VLC]TEX… Read More »

How to get Name of the Program where the Error occurred

Errp returns the name of the script where an error occurred. It can be used in the error handling routine set by Onerrgo. Syntax : errp  Examples :   # Let’s trigger an error (division by zero) Funprog DIV_BY_ZERO Local Integer ZERO, ONE, RESULT Local Char ERROR_MESSAGE(250) ONE=1 : ZERO=0 Onerrgo ERR_HANDLE RESULT = ONE… Read More »

How to Use a not-usable Component in Work Order

In Sage ERP X3, there is a feature where you can check whether the component used in a product is non-usable or not while creating a work order. This can be achieved by following below steps:- Navigate to Setup → General Parameters → Parameters values Under Module → GPA Manufacturing and Group → Work Order… Read More »

How to Do Entry Transaction Validation of Inquiry Screens

In Sage X3, you may come across a scenario where you have to do customization on any inquiry screen. For screen level changes, we simply need to make the changes and validate the corresponding screen. But, it will not reflect the changes unless we do entry transaction validation of that Inquiry screen. This validation is… Read More »

Finalize the journal entries in bulk

You may come across a scenario where you want to do the journal validation in bulk. Sage X3 has feature where you can Finalize or validate the journal entries in bulk. Navigate To: Financial>Current processing>Final validation (Refer the below screenshot)   In this process you can select the different criteria. This function changes the journal… Read More »

Selecting Export file format while Printing Report

You may come across the situation, where you may want to export report in particular file format. This can be done through coding using FITCHIER action. FITCHIER action is called before the display of the selection window for the export format, when the user wants to export the print to a file. This action is… Read More »

Split Functionality in Purchase Order

We may have situation where we need to split one order line into many order lines as per business requirement. Sage ERP – X3 provides a feature in which you can split a line based on Rec site, Address, Quantity and Expected Receipt Date.                 To achieve this functionality, Navigate to Purchasing → Orders →… Read More »