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How to make use of Sage X3 dashboard to display data from other tables

Retrieving data from a single table for the Sage X3 dashboard is straightforward. However, if you require data from multiple tables or linked tables, attempting to add a field from those tables triggers an error message: “Standard Query ‘QUERY_CODE’: Links not possible.” In our recent blog post, we’ve provided a clear solution to address this… Read More »

Understanding Class Management in Sage X3

Have you ever wondered how software systems like Sage X3 efficiently manage data entities, such as customers, products, and sales orders? The answer lies in the concept of classes, a crucial component of the Sage X3 ecosystem. In this blog, we will explore the intricacies of class management within Sage X3 and how it plays… Read More »

How to add new fields in left list in Sage X3

A purchase request is a written request that lists the items that are required, how many are needed, and when they will be required. It becomes a purchase order after it is authorized. An unapproved purchase order is called a purchase request. The purchase request lists all necessary goods and services along with their respective… Read More »

Guide to add SQL Query in Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)

If you need to retrieve data based on a more complex query than just selecting the field from a single table, you will need this feature. The SQL Query can be as much complicated as the database provider can support. This means that you could join tables, do summarization and grouping without any issues. Follow… Read More »

How to store more than 250 char in sage X3 table

In the Sage X3 application, one of our clients is facing difficulties in storing strings of 250+ characters in Sage X3 tables. The standard for alphanumeric datatype in Sage X3 tables support only a length of 250 characters, and our client wanted to store strings exceeding this limit. To solve this problem, we discovered and… Read More »

How to perform CRUD operations using classes and representations in Sage X3 V12.

Introduction: Sage X3 provides various features with user friendly screens and their amazing functionalities. The screens can be of various types such object based, function action based, inquiry screens , etc. For performing create, read, update and delete operations on a table, we need to have a screen for entering those data but what if… Read More »

How to delete the U tables after post-migration in Sage X3

Now days Every company wants to upgrade the system or data with newly functionality on the higher version. In Some industries the company wants to migrate the data from lower version to higher version in Sage X3. For those needs to done some steps in Sage X3 i.e., Execution of Pre-migration and Post-migration script in… Read More »

How to display user signature pending for approval to the left list of any transaction

Signature workflow feature of Sage X3 helps in tracking of transactions. Sometimes there might be a requirement if the end user needs to add additional field in left list of any transaction which will display user’s name for whom the signature is pending for approval. We can achieve this by using the following steps. Consider… Read More »

Link tables in Sage ERP X3 through coding

Function name: Link Description: Link is used to defining a set of links between various tables, as well as the single abbreviation to access these tables with one instruction. Syntax: Link class_p with list_links as class_l Refer below snippet of code for better clarification. New Stuff: How to get the number of records modified by Update… Read More »