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How to determine the characters of the user entry types in sage ERP X3?

Adxtuc determines the characters of the user entry types. You may define types of entry that will be added to – or even substituted by –  standard types within an Adonix application. These extra types are described by one letter: their “code.” Syntax: [S]adxtuc (33) (32) Char Example: Output: Description : You may parameterize 32… Read More »

How to Do Entry Transaction Validation of Inquiry Screens

In Sage X3, you may come across a scenario where you have to do customization on any inquiry screen. For screen level changes, we simply need to make the changes and validate the corresponding screen. But, it will not reflect the changes unless we do entry transaction validation of that Inquiry screen. This validation is… Read More »

How to Allocate the Bulk Work Order

We came into circumstance where one of the Client asked to allocate the bulk work order. Sage X3 provide feature to mass allocation processing of the materials linked to the production for a given site, a given period and a selection of a work orders. This processing can allocate material in a global or detailed… Read More »

Fetch the ADC print destination value in coding

While printing the report through code you may need to print the report or label in the printer defined on the ADC destination .The below mentioned global variable are available in x3 in which the label destination and Document destination are stored GVTETI : This global variable is used to store the  Label destination GVTDOC… Read More »

Enable Warehouse Selection in Customer Return Management Screen

If we come across a scenario where we want to enable warehouse selection field in Customer return Management screen then Sage x3 provides a standard functionality to enable the field. Navigate to Sales ->Returns ->Customer returns Steps to enable this functionality: Navigate to Setup ->Organisational Structures->Sites Enable Warehouse Management checkbox under Warehouse Tab Create Warehouses… Read More »

Split Functionality in Purchase Order

We may have situation where we need to split one order line into many order lines as per business requirement. Sage ERP – X3 provides a feature in which you can split a line based on Rec site, Address, Quantity and Expected Receipt Date.                 To achieve this functionality, Navigate to Purchasing → Orders →… Read More »

Issue the Prepayment in Bulk

There might be situation where you want to issue the prepayment in bulk.  Sage x3 provide a feature in which we can issue the prepayment in bulk. To achieve this feature, Navigate To:Sales>invoices>Issue Prepayments The issue of prepayments is made, in mass, simply by selecting a planned issue deadline. You can also print them if… Read More »

WAS Web service in Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage X3, sometimes we need to expand the functionality of the core Sage X3 solution with the required customizations to reach the desired goal. These customized new products are known as Add-ons. WAS web service is an add-on, which comes with a number of extra features, other than the normal web services. Key Points… Read More »

How to Disable the Post Button in Invoice for the Particular User?

Sage X3 provide feature to disable the post button for the particular user. To successfully bring this functionality follow below steps. Step 1: Go to the Functional profile Step 2: Navigate to: Setup>Users>Functional profile Step 3: Remove the BPSVAL function of the profile code for which particular user is linked. Hope this helps. About Us… Read More »

How to Enable EU VAT no. field.

If we come across a scenario where we want to find EU VAT no. field of the companies’ disabled then Sage x3 provides a standard functionality to enable the field. Steps to enable this functionality: Navigation: Common Data – Common Table – Countries. Navigate to the respective country for which EU VAT no. field has… Read More »