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Excise Module in Sage X3

With Sage X3, get your Alcohol & Distilleries manufacturing business “up and running” without running around! “State-Wise Excise Duty applied on the Products, other required charges applied on the Products, Management of bottle quantity per case, VAT, CST, TCS management”. Get it all here. Because to manage alcohol & distillery needs, we did a customization… Read More »

How to define multiple Taxes in line level of Customer BP invoice screen in Sage X3

The customer BP invoice entry function is used to manage the customer invoicing out of the “typical” sales cycle. In this context, the user does not manage the order, the delivery note with the stock issue etc. When issuing the invoice, the data necessary to the accounting are saved. We may need a basic important points to make a sales… Read More »

Setting default tax rule and payment term for BP’s

As we know, Sage X3 provides masters for each object used in it like Business Partner, Product, Company, Site etc. We can setup various things for these objects such as id, name, and address etc. on their respective Master screens. Similarly on BP’s master, we can set up default payment term and tax rule against… Read More »