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How to secure MongoDb in Sage X3

We may came across a scenario where we want to secure a mongodb service. We can achieve this functionality by using below steps: Uninstall mongodb re-install MongoDB with SSL certificate checkbox checked. This will generate “client.pem” file to secure MongoDB access. Re-install MongoDB service After re-installation of MongoDB, “Client.pem” file will generate in D:\Sage\Syracuse\syracuse\certs\mongodb(In… Read More »

Adding Graphical requester in Interactive Dashboard

To create Graphical Requester, follow below steps. Step 1: Create graphical requester. Set up → Usage → Report → Graphical Query tool 1.1 Graphical requester screen Step 2 : Create Menu Item. Navigate to Administration → Authoring → Pages → Menu 1.2 Menu item screen As shown in above screenshot, we have created menu item with… Read More »

How to know current function by its internal number

In Sage X3, GFONCTION returns the name of the current function. Menchoix returns the internal number of that function. “Menchoix” identifies the current function by its internal number. This variable is only used by the supervisor. Whenever you exit menu management via the ONevent ITM_MENU instruction, the menchoix variable is loaded by the function selected.… Read More »

How to Overcome”Valuation price null not authorized!” error in Sage x3

While creating miscellaneous receipt transaction in Sage X3, we will often get an error “Valuation price null not authorized! “ Particularly, this error is generated for the products which are not having the value or gross price in stock. We can overcome this by following steps: 1. Navigate to : Setup > Stock > Valuation… Read More »